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Episode 14: Super, Mega, Awesome News Update!!

That’s right, folks! Episode 14 of GLT is bursting at the seams with info!  Do you want the latest on the Nintendo Classic Mini? We got ya’ covered.  How about the next movie in the Star Wars series?? Yup! We got that too!  Oh, and have you seen that Thor: Ragnorok trailer???  Join us as we discuss all of these things and much more in this episode of Geek Like Tendencies!  Enjoy the show!

One thought on “Episode 14: Super, Mega, Awesome News Update!!”

  1. Such a great episode!

    Yay! for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Mystery Science Theatre, Deadpool 2, Thor Ragnorok and X-men!!..

    You mentioned Planet Hulk…Hulk has a planet?! I thought he was Hulk because of a science experiment that went wrong. Clarification por favor!

    Always a pleasure to listen! Looking forward to more podcasts!

    Signing off…much love!
    ::beep boop::

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