Episode 15: “DC Gets It Right!! Plus all of the highlights from San Diego Comic-Con 2017!”

Episode 15 of Geek Like Tendencies is finally here!  In this installment, your favorite podcasters offer their thoughts on the new Wonder Woman film which has been cutting through the competition at the box office.  However, the action doesn’t stop there!  San Diego Comic-Con has brought us all kinds of gifts ranging from a new Thor: Ragnarok trailer, a super fresh Justice League: Dawn of Justice trailer, a ton of Netflix updates, Berlanti TV show news and a tech bite or two.  Strap in and prepare yourself for another power-packed edition of Geek Like Tendencies.  As always, subscribe and share!  Enjoy the show!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 15: “DC Gets It Right!! Plus all of the highlights from San Diego Comic-Con 2017!””

  1. Wonder woman was amazing! EXCEEDED my expectations,especially after Batman v. Superman.
    I would send 10 geeks to see it!

    On another topic- Game of Thrones has very few episodes to wrap things up! Ahh! Anticipation!

    Thanks for another great episode guys!


    1. Thank you A2D2 for your kind comments. Wonder Woman was definitely DC’s best movie in the cinematic universe thus far. And we cannot wait for GoT episodes each week, so many little left and so much still left to do!

      Keep coming back and enjoying our episodes.

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