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Episode 19: Enter – The Black Panther

The next film in the MCU slate has arrived and it is, “Black Panther”.  Does it prove to be epic or awful?! Join Ryan and Steve as they battle it out for Wakanda!

3 thoughts on “Episode 19: Enter – The Black Panther”

  1. Wakanda forever!

    Hands down and phenomenal film… we get to see:
    -women’s empowerment (not just Wonder Women… these women of Wakanda kicked butt!)
    -political equality
    -it was not really about race, but then again it was
    – costume design
    – amazing cinematography, digital effects
    – We see action, romance, comedy, political issues we see TODAY!

    I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    A2D2, out!

  2. Steven from the house of El…

    In no way is this film similar to The Lion King! LOL That’s ridiculous. Just because it is based in an African country and there are “panthers”, lions cheetahs, etc.

    Two totally different films- all together! It is like comparing Star Wars to Guardians of the Galaxy! Just silly talk! haha!


    1. Ahhh A2D2….another one that didn’t understand fully what i meant by the similarities between the two movies. To me it has nothing to do with it being based in Africa. It is the visuals and story that is presented in both movies that are similar. In both there are visuals of the son needing to talk to their father that has passed, and also needing their approval or respect to move on become leaders that they are. Forest Whitaker’s character was similar Rafiki from the Lion King. Family fighting it out for the throne. Female soldiers of Wakanda fighting just like the female lions in Lion King.


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