Episode 2: Deadpool Film Review | Geek Like Tendencies

Episode 2: Deadpool Film Review

Ryan of Asgard and Steven from the House Of L are back in Episode 2 of Geek Like Tendencies! This month, we are joined by special guest host A2D2! Listen to our “spoiler-free” discussion of “Deadpool”. Next up, we shift our focus to the most recent trailers from the Marvel/DC universes. We even visit Steven’s Fortress Of Solitude to catch up with a speedy hero.  In, “The Basement”, it’s time to play Street Fighter V but is it a worthy successor to 3 and 4?  Finally, we round out our show with a visit to “The Vault” to offer some preliminary opinions on “The Witch”.  Stay with us at the very end of the show to hear a “spoiler-filled” discussion of “Deadpool”.


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