Episode 21: Avengers Infinity War – Our Thoughts and Reactions

“Destiny has arrived…or shall I say, I have!”-Thanos 

That’s right, folks…Infinity War has finally arrived and we are “sparkling” with electricity to share what we think with all of you!  Join us as we welcome “H-Dog” as our special guest.  Don’t forget to subscribe, share and enjoy!!

One thought on “Episode 21: Avengers Infinity War – Our Thoughts and Reactions”

  1. Completely shocked by this film! Mixed emotions…anger, sadness, laughter, anxiety…it had it all.

    I’m sad about Gamora, spider man, black panther, vision and dr.
    Strange. They’ll be back though!

    I would send 12 geeks to see it!

    A2d2 ::beep boop::

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