Episode 22: Ant-Man And The Wasp Review Plus…A Tiny Bit More!

Join us for Episode 22 of GLT where we break “Ant-man and The Wasp” down to the smallest molecule! Also, Super J has returned and that is no small matter. Get ready for another action-packed hour and a half full of reviews, news and even a little preview of the San Diego Comic-Con.  As always, remember to Subscribe and Share with a friend! Enjoy the Show!

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One thought on “Episode 22: Ant-Man And The Wasp Review Plus…A Tiny Bit More!”

  1. Hey guys,
    My condolences to Jon Schnepp’s friends, family and close fans. May he rest in peace.

    Another great episode! I enjoyed this one quite a bit!
    I thought Ant-man and the Wasp was great- I thoroughly enjoyed it! I would have sent 8/10 geeks!

    Super J!…I feel ya buddy… I do not have a GeekLikeTendencies shirt either…having said that….Ryan and Steven, where is MY shirt! haha! Hopefully soon.

    A2D2 ::beep boop::

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