Episode 25: 2018 Halloween Episode | Geek Like Tendencies

Episode 25: 2018 Halloween Episode

Join us for a haunting and horrific episode of Geek Like Tendencies with special guest, one half of the Meza-Valdes brothers, director/writer Andres Meza-Valdes!  We discuss Horror movies, Marvel, DC, Halloween 2018, halloween candy(no that is not a typo) and much, much more!  Treat yourself to a ghoulishly gargantuan 2 hour show oozing with hair-raising hijinks and frothing with fun!

One thought on “Episode 25: 2018 Halloween Episode”

  1. What a fun episode! Definitely hit home for me. I can definitely relate!

    Iron Fist is TERRIBLE! Glad it was canceled. Lol

    Punisher, daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke cage…all great!

    I remember watching all of the Halloween movies when I was younger and I enjoyed them all! This last one was pretty good! I particularly found the twists interesting in addition to the three generations of strong women trying to trap Micheal Myers! The young kid though, did steal the movie! Lol

    Jamie Lee curtis was once again, phenomenal!

    My favorite Halloween costume was probably Cleopatra. The makeup, wig, white dress, gold accents, jewelry, the snake.. I had it all!

    Favorite Halloween candies:
    – reeses
    – starburst
    -sweet tarts
    -sour patch kids

    Andres thank you for your presence. Maybe Diego will join soon!

    Hugs…happy Halloween and happy holidays!
    A2d2 ::beep boop::

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