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Episode 27: We Are In The Endgame Now!

Well, it is finally here!  Avengers: Endgame is now in theaters and to pregame for “Endgame”, your GLT hosts talks theories, predictions and more!  Join us for some speculation and superhero-related fun on this latest episode of Geek Like Tendencies!

One thought on “Episode 27: We Are In The Endgame Now!”

  1. Hey guys…sorry I didnt send my theories beforehand.
    So…I don’t have any specific theories of how this will all play out…I do, however, think Nebula will play a key factor…so will Antman & Wasp, in addition to Captain Marvel!

    I do think the stones need to be destroyed …period! Maybe we will see some Xmen! Ahhhh I’ll freak out if this happens!
    Its been difficult to stay away from any social media and the news…I’m excited!

    Thats all I got. Love you guys!

    A2D2 ::beepboop::

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