Episode 32: It’s the Geek Like Tendencies 2019 Halloween Special!

Hello, Mortals!! Join Ryan of Asgard, Steven from the House of L and guest of honor, Darth Jerk for our annual Halloween Special episode!  This one is a mixed bag of tricks and treats full of spooky surprises, revolting reviews and creepy conversations about some frightening flicks!  Looking for something to watch on Halloween Night?? Give us a listen…we got ya’ covered! Subscribe, share and as always, enjoy the show!

One thought on “Episode 32: It’s the Geek Like Tendencies 2019 Halloween Special!”

  1. Great show guys! Welcome back Darth Jerk!

    Recently saw the Shining in its entirety…and Jack Torrance was pretty frightening! Little girls were creepy too!

    The Conjuring, Insidious and IT were also frightening movies.

    By the way,I also know very well who Ernest is and ALL his movies…lol haha!

    Best and hugs,
    A2D2 ::beep boop beep boop::

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