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Episode 34: Let’s Talk!

In this episode of Geek Like Tendencies we welcome brand new member, Kervin to the team! Join us for an important conversation about Race and the current state of race relations in America. We will also bring you up to speed on all of the latest news and views plus our “What we have been watching lately”, segment. 

We here at GLT would like to dedicate this episode to former U.S. Representative John Lewis, a true civil rights leader and American hero. May he rest in peace.

One thought on “Episode 34: Let’s Talk!”

  1. Love this episode!
    Welcome Kervin!
    I know I am SUPER late to the party but as always I have to leave my comment(s).

    Social injustice and racial inequality unfortunately still exist and frankly, it is disgusting! We HAVE to have these conversations, ask questions, educate others, love and accept everyone!

    Moulin rouge is fabulous! From the cinematography, the music, acting/actors, storyline…sooo good! Ryan of Asgard is crazy! Lol

    Jeffrey Epstein and Athlete A documentaries were eye opening and also disgusting-these men got away with all of this for so many years and many people still dealing with the effects.

    I binge watched so many shows!
    Big Bang Theory
    Sex& the City
    The Office
    Fuller House
    Schitts Creek

    And of course Hallmark Movies! Lol

    Always a pleasure fellas! Look forward to the next one.


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