Episode 6: Zoinks! Like, it’s the Saturday Morning Cartoons Episode!!

Episode 6: Zoinks! Like, it's the Saturday Morning Cartoons Episode!!

After a loooong wait, our special episode about Saturday Morning/After-School Cartoons is finally here!  Join us as we reminisce about the days of old when hand-drawn art was king!  Witness as Steven from the House of L and Ryan of Asgard share their Top 10’s!!  What’s that you say?  Got a Top 10 of your own?  Visit GeekLikeTendencies.com to let your voice be heard!  Don’t forget to subscribe and share…as always, enjoy the show!

One thought on “Episode 6: Zoinks! Like, it’s the Saturday Morning Cartoons Episode!!”

  1. Such a great podcast episode! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Really brought me back…I miss those days!
    Aside from the ones you mentioned (which I am guilty of watching about 90% of the ones you said)…here are some of the popular ones I saw that were not brought up:
    – Chilly Willy “My nose is runny, my tail is cold- A…chi…ACHUU!”
    – Woody wood pecker
    – Jackson 5 cartoon
    – Denver, The Last Dinosaur
    – The Popples
    – Rugrats (Might have mentioned this…not sure)
    – Gummi Bears
    – Disney’s Goof Troop

    ****Difficult to come up with just 10… so these are SOME of my top favorites, in no particular order:
    Chill Willy, Jem, SheRa, Xmen, Jetsons, Denver-The Last Dinosaur, Muppet Babies, Flinstones, Woody Wood Pecker, Rugrats, Bobby’s World and Chipmunks….

    Message to Steven from the House of L…I also had the Carmen Sandiego computer game, I died when I heard you mention it. I thought my brother and I were the only nerds with that game- so cool you had it too! It was so difficult, sheesh!

    Thank you for the shout out Ryan of Asgard! I AM a fan of SheRa…PRINCESS OF POWER!


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