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Halloween Special ’17

Join Ryan of Asgard and Steven from the House of L for a spooky and special, uncut episode of Geek Like Tendencies!  Happy Halloween and enjoy the show!!

2 thoughts on “Halloween Special ’17”

  1. Hey fellas, so glad ya’ll did a Halloween recording!
    Just some comments…
    – YAY! Stranger Things!
    – there is nothing wrong with gluten-free anything! lol
    – those “little plastic bags” given out at parties…are called party favors. =)
    – Candy I would always give up would be the black jelly beans, hard gum, licorice, Twizzlers. Woof!
    – Preferred choice of candy/chocolate: Reese’s (of course), Whoppers, 100 Grand, Smarties, Airheads
    – Funny costumes when I was younger: Bumble bee, Fairy, Genie, Ghostbuster
    …now that I think of it, I do not think I was allowed to watch any Halloween specials when I was a little girl- I forget.
    However, my house was the starting point and ending point for Trick or Treating. All of the children in the neighborhood would participate and when we were done we would empty out our pumpkins/bags in the middle of the living room for inspection and shared the candy.

    * In high school, I was in the dance team and we learned the ENTIRE Thriller dance routine in the famous music video, on Halloween we performed it for the entire school twice and out in the community –I still know it to this day. lol!

    Thanks again for such a refreshing episode!
    A2D2 ::beep boop::beep boop::

    1. One last thing…
      You mentioned haunted houses…I am prime target in those things…lol they LOVE to jump scare and startle me.
      Halloween Horror Nights is pretty cool- the lines and amount of people getting into the houses not so much. haha!
      …an actual REAL haunted house…NO THANKS!

      ok bye for real now!

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