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Episode 5: October Is A Big Month!

Episode 5 October Is A Big Month!

Episode 5 is here and it is hot off the presses! Your favorite movie-watching, game-playing, TV show-reviewing podcasters have returned with a treasure trove of news to share!  What have Brie Larson and the powers that be in the MCU been talking about?! What has Steve from the House of “L” learned about the new animated Justice League TV show?  Will “Thor: Ragnorak” feature scenes from Planet Hulk?  Steve and Ryan weigh in on these topics and much more in this new, action packed episode!  Also, tune in to Episode 6 to see which are our favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon/After-School Cartoon shows of all-time!!  Do you have your list ready!  Hmmhmmhahahaha! I hope so, mortal!

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Batman V. Superman! ‘Nuff Said! (Spoilers)

Batman V. Superman! 'Nuff Said! (Spoilers)It’s here! Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is in theaters and we at “Geek Like Tendencies” have a bonus episode all about it!  Ryan of Asgard and Steven from the House of L are joined by special guest, Super J, as we give you our spoiler-filled thoughts on the film.  We’ve packed this episode with all sorts of extra information so sit down and join us to partake in all of the fun! Don’t forget to subscribe, review and share! Enjoy the show!

Episode 3: Enter The Fortress Of Solitude!

Episode 3: Enter The Fortress Of Solitude!

Episode 3 of “Geek Like Tendencies”, is filled to the brim with updates and exciting information!  We have lots of Movie News to talk about ranging from the new Ghostbusters trailer, details about Suicide Squad 2, updates on Avengers Infinity War and much more!  Steven from the House of L fills us in on what’s hot on TV from The Fortress of Solitude. Next, we open up The Vault to blow the dust off a lesser known horror flick by the name of “Tourist Trap”.  Down to The Basement we go, to play a surprisingly fun game called, “Broforce” and we round things out with some gadget talk in Tech Time.

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Episode 2: Deadpool Film Review

Ryan of Asgard and Steven from the House Of L are back in Episode 2 of Geek Like Tendencies! This month, we are joined by special guest host A2D2! Listen to our “spoiler-free” discussion of “Deadpool”. Next up, we shift our focus to the most recent trailers from the Marvel/DC universes. We even visit Steven’s Fortress Of Solitude to catch up with a speedy hero.  In, “The Basement”, it’s time to play Street Fighter V but is it a worthy successor to 3 and 4?  Finally, we round out our show with a visit to “The Vault” to offer some preliminary opinions on “The Witch”.  Stay with us at the very end of the show to hear a “spoiler-filled” discussion of “Deadpool”.

Episode 1: 2016 Superhero Movie Preview

Episode 1: 2016 Superhero Movie Preview

In our first episode of Geek Like Tendencies, Ryan of Asgard and Steven from the House Of L are joined by Darth Jerk. We discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens and preview the entire slate of superhero movies scheduled to come out in 2016. It is going to be quite a year and we were excited to share our thoughts with you. Listen to Episode 1 and let us know what you think!


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