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Weekly Roundup: 6/8/19

Join us to get caught up on the most recent headlines in Film, TV, Tech and Geekdom!

Episode 29: Dragon Fire or Fizzle??

In this episode of GLT, we are joined by a familiar voice in that of A2D2(bee-boop-bee-boop)!  She unites with your favorite hosts to discuss the Game of Thrones Finale and whether or not it was on fire or fizzled.  In addition to that, we bring you up to speed on all of the recent movie news and buzz!  So, to get caught up tune in to GLT and enjoy the show!

Episode 24: Hold Me Back!

In this episode of GLT, we battle it out about Warner Bros. and Valentines Day??  Hmm…We also discuss recent trailers featuring Aquaman, Dark Phoenix, Creed and more!  Join us for updates from the realm of horror, Sony’s release of “Venom”, New York ComicCon and finally we delve into the newest mini consoles to release this year. Which ones are they? Have a listen to find out for yourself. As always, enjoy the show!


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