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Weekly Roundup: 4/13/19

Join Steven from the House of L for the very first entry in our new series all about the headlines, news and notes that you guys want to hear about!  Hop aboard to find out what is going on with Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the “Arrowverse”, Space Jam 2, Disney+ and much more! Subscribe, share and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: 4/13/19”

  1. Steven!!
    I’m disappointed in you…no love for Game of Thrones!

    Not even a mention of the first 2 episodes!::shame shame::

    So much about to happen! I’m rooting for Arya,Gendry, Jaime and Jon! We’ll see!

    A2D2 ::beepboop::

    1. A2D2,

      You should be disappointed in me for not mentioning Game Of Thrones, slipped my mind. Should’ve been talked about….and will be mentioned.

      Steven From The House Of L

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